CAIER specialists have completed their training at the UN accelerator

The UN Global Compact SDG Ambition Accelerator Program has concluded with an award ceremony for its participants on March 28.

The UN Global Compact SDG Ambition Accelerator program aims to inspire and support companies worldwide in setting their ambitious goals. As a part of such an initiative, CAIER works to foster the integration of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals into its core business processes.

This grand training event brought together over forty leading Kazakhstani companies from various fields of activity, and several educational institutions collaborated with the SDG Ambition program, including Satbayev University, AlmaU, and Shoqan School.

The Central-Asian Institute of Environmental Research (CAIER) joined the UN Global Compact in 2023. The UN Global Compact team invited ecologist Aselle Tasmagambetova, the founder of CAIER, to become an ambassador of the SDG Ambition Program in Kazakhstan.

Ms. Tasmagambetova completed certified training under the SDG Ambition program with the ESG CAIER department team.

In her speech, the CAIER founder expressed special gratitude to Dinara Seitzhaparova, representative of the UN Global Compact, Michaela Friberg-Storey, the UN Resident Coordinator in Kazakhstan, and Maxim Podberezkin, Head of UN Educational Programs for Central Asian countries.

She said the number of people willing to participate in the SDG Ambition training course exceeded expectations, meaning the UN SDGs are not the statements or words recorded in strategies but the values shared by participants! Ms. Tasmagambetova believes that SDG imitative in Kazakhstan is off to an ambitious start and wishes all accelerator participants to take a small step today toward the goals outlined. Each long journey starts with small steps, and when one day your children ask about your favorite SDG, you will have something to answer, hoped Aselle Tasmagambetova, an ecologist and a SDG Ambition ambassador in Kazakhstan.

As part of the UN Global Compact SDG Ambition program, the CAIER has chosen a strategic goal to ensure 100% coverage of water-scarce regions with drinking water supply.

By proactively building an action plan and arrangements, CAIER has defined its goal and developed mini-objectives and performance indicators to trace progress in achieving this strategic mission. The organization is committed to creating a society that provides everyone access to vital resources such as water and where sustainable development integrates into the corporate culture.