Let's save the Caspian seal together!

A large-scale educational program about the life of the Caspian seal was launched.
For more than 5 years our center has been organizing lectures for schoolchildren in Aktau, installing signs on the Caspian coast, holding talks with fishermen and local residents, telling how important it is to preserve the Caspian seal for the well-being of the entire region.
From June 28 to the present day a survey of local residents, fishermen, students and schoolchildren of Fort-Shevchenko, Bautino village, Kenderli village and Kulaly Island has been conducted. Kenderli and Kulaly Island about the life of the Caspian endemic.
The educational project is conducted within the framework of a grant from the National Center for the Support of Civil Initiatives (CISC) "Study of the Caspian seal habitat by identifying harmful chemicals in the Caspian Sea".
The survey participants were asked to answer 20 questions about the Caspian seals' recognizability, actions in case of detection of the animal, as well as how fishing nets affect the seals' injuries.
Recall that the Caspian Seal Research and Rehabilitation Center was established in Aktau in 2019 on the basis of the CAIER Institute. This is the only institution in the North Caspian Sea providing veterinary care for the Caspian seal.