Caspian seal protection

On 9 November 2020, the Caspian seal was included in the Red Book of the Republic of Kazakhstan by a Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The initiator is A. Tasmagambetova.

The Caspian Sea Seal Research and Rehabilitation Center is established in Kazakhstan in 2019. Due to the increasing technogenic impact on the Caspian Sea ecosystem, as well as due to the exploration and forthcoming development of hydrocarbons.

Seal protection project in numbers
examined for injuries
A total of seals rescued
Caspian Sea area explored
2 579
km 2
examined for
A total of seals
km2 Caspian Sea area explored
Caspian Sea
Water bodies
Project activities for the protection of the Caspian seal
Scientists will arrive on the coast to conduct field work and collect data. The resulting samples will be studied and analyzed in laboratories.

At the first stage, it is planned to attach satellite transmitters to three dozen individuals to study migration routes, as well as select biomaterials to assess the health of animals.
The results of the study will make it possible to create a recommendation for government agencies and companies in order to properly organize work in the Caspian Sea with the maximum reduction in the impact on the sea ecosystem.

The program will make it possible to compare the results of research, as well as to determine the main conservation measures for the conservation of the species.
Video on the protection of the Caspian seal
Cooperation with the Central Asian Institute for Environmental Research