Institute performs geochemical studies using close control equipment

Types of services provided:
• Sample preparation;
• Assay test (with gravimetric/atomic absorption finish);
• Inductively coupled mass spectrometry (ICP-MS);
• Atomic absorption spectroscopy (ААS);
• Carrying out scientific work in the field of geochemical research.

Sample preparation
Types of samples: core, trench, cuttings, etc.

Sample preparation includes:
• Drying;
• Crushing;
• Grinding;
• Cutting-down;
• Bucking;
• Analytical sample formation.
These procedures can be used in combination or separately to meet specific needs in terms of sample size and composition.

Also can be used, if so agreed:
• change of time and temperature modes of drying;
• cleaning of crushers and attrition mills with "empty" material after each sample;
• monthly storage of samples, "tails" and other materials of the Customer;
• disposal of samples, "tails" and other materials of the Customer.
Instrumental analytical methods
Sample types: ores, concentrates, processing plant tailings, mattes, sludges, etc.

Types of sample preparation:
• tetracid decomposition;
• aqua regia decomposition;
• fusion with lithium tetraborate;
• peroxide fusion

Analysis methods:
• inductively coupled mass spectrometry (ICP-MS);
• atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS).
Assay test
Sample types: ores, concentrates, processing plant tailings, matte, massive metal, etc.

Elements to be determined: gold (Au), silver (Ag)

Type of analysis:
• assay analysis with gravimetric finish
• assay test with atomic absorption finish

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